This NSF grant is highly competitive, and this will be my third application. I have been encouraged by the grant committee to continue to revise my concepts and keep applying. Overall, they have responded very well to my talent in graphic design and have had little concern about my ability to design the work, but the continued feedback is that I need a better plan for community outreach in order to share my work and the concepts behind it with the community, especially in educational venues accessible to a broad range of people.

  1. 1.Funds – the exact budget is still being determined, but unless specific donations are made for the following services, I will need funds to pay for partnerships in these areas in order to execute the final product.

  2. 2.Web resources – I’ll provide the website design, but I need a technology partner to provide the back-end of a site from programming to video streaming and hosting.

  3. 3.Exhibit sponsorship – One of the deliverables of this project will likely be an exhibit, around 500 square feet, to support the graphic elements I create as well as artifacts and images collected while there to tell the story of the experience. The exact narrative will evolve as I work out the details of this grant proposal. 

  4. 4.Shipping – I plan to show the exhibit element of this project in more than one location across the country. I will need a shipping partner to cover the costs of both the packaging and transportation of the exhibit to approximately four cities.

  1. 5.Printing – undoubtedly there will be printed elements as part of my deliverables. Currently I am thinking of producing a series of limited edition posters, along the lines of the WPA posters, to highlight and commemorate the scientific endeavors going on in various locations on Antarctica. There will also likely be large format printing needs along with the exhibit production and/or advertising for the exhibit.

  2. 6.Educational outlets – if you are affiliated with an educational institution and you think that the content from my work would be relevant to your curriculum, I would be very happy to come and speak with your students and do an exercise connecting design and science of Antarctica.

  3. 7.Exhibition spaces – I am looking for locations that would be appropriate for displaying my exhibit. These spaces could range from art galleries, science museums, community centers, civic buildings, or corporate lobbies. Ideally the space would be accessible to the general public and/or a large population of students.

Please get in touch with me at if you or anyone you know might be interested in or able to help with the execution of my project.

What I could use: