I am an applicant for a grant from the National Science Foundation for artists and writers to go to Antarctica to research a project that will help raise awareness about the continent, the scientific research happening there, and the importance of Antarctica in relation to global warming. The specifics of my proposal are still being worked out, but I am using this site to share with you some of the background work that I’ve done so far. I am very interested in the relationship between design and science and how both of these concepts are influenced by the environment of Antarctica.

In July, 2008 I gave a presentation at Pecha Kucha, a design salon where participants share projects or work around a certain theme. The theme for this event was “Heat,” and I could not resist sharing my passion for Antarctica and introducing my thoughts on how Antarctica is hotter than one may think. The format of the presentation was to talk about 20 slides each shown for 20 seconds.

For the Back to School season in July/August 2008, The North Face featured the Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1990 as the theme for their clothing line. Given my deep interest in Antarctica, I was extremely excited to work on this project, especially since I had read the book of this expedition years earlier. 6 scientists from 6 different countries, selected for their individual areas of expertise, made up this team that dog-sledded across the continent. I designed pop art style graphics that echoed the color schemes in the North Face product as well as harkened back to the graphic styles of 1990 as evident in the snowsuits worn by the explorer-scientists.

As a stained glass artist, I was inspired by the ice forms in glaciers as content for leaded glass designs. This piece is my representation of an ice cave on Franz Josef glacier in New Zealand. It consists of 3 layers of glass to create the varied colors and textures as well as a sense of depth.

original ice cave photo

Call it global warming or just really good marketing;

                                        however you look at it, Antarctica is HOT!
Penguins, naturally flightless birds, are flying off the shelves.
        What’s causing this unusual global change?

                                        Finally, the southernmost continent, so often forgotten
         at the end of the earth,
has entered the media spotlight.
Roll out the red carpet as Antarctica arrives for her day in the sun.
           And with all the attention she’s getting, humankind needs to be careful with her,
and make sure this new superstar of the continents
                                                        doesn’t get trampled by the paparazzi.

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