Everything, from a built environment to a new business, requires more than just one piece to create an experience. The main focus of Studio Picotee is to provide strategic design to solve problems involving multiple elements.

Design does not stop at the business card or the sign over the door. Design should be inherent in the experience, and when good design is encountered by those who use it, it often goes unnoticed because it feels so right.

While it may seem counterintuitive to design something that goes unnoticed, the fact that people buy the product you’re selling, find their way through your space, hire you for more business, or just enjoy their time in your world, be it virtual or physical, means you’ve done something right. Studio Picotee can make the integration of all the elements your clients or customers encounter feel completely seamless. This way, the focus is on you.

Heather Landers, Design Director

A graduate of Yale University and alumna of the graphic design group at Apple and the marketing design group at Gap, Heather Landers has been a designer for over ten years. She started her career as a visual display assistant at the college bookstore and worked as a floral designer in the summers. These paths have come full circle, as she still designs retail windows (though on a much larger scale) and continues to be inspired by flowers and nature. Architecture has been another interest of Heather's, and she delved into this arena as an environmental graphic designer with Robert Frear Architects, designing the signage for the Gap corporate headquarters, and learning the fundamentals from Skidmore-trained architects and designers. At Apple, along with designing numerous MacWorld booths and store-in-store concepts, Heather was the liaison between the retail development team and the graphic design department. Here, she learned first-hand how the stores were designed from an architectural and operational perspective and worked holistically to include the graphics as part of the final store environment. At Gap, the graphics department was under marketing, and Heather discovered how graphics could play a crucial role in the final sales numbers. Heather considers her prior jobs to be educational experiences as much as places of employment, each with its own specialty.

Heather uses her creative experience and intellectual curiosity to develop exceptional solutions for her clients. She is extremely versatile in her design approach, always choosing what is best for the client and their brand.

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Katie Ginder-Vogel, Copywriter & Concept Strategist

A graduate of Stanford University with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English, Katie has more than ten years of experience as a writer and editor. She has managed public relations campaigns for NOW, Wilson McHenry Company (clients included Pioneer Electronics and Cadence Design Systems), and Egreetings.com and continues to publicize restaurants and bands. She has written marketing and website copy for Egreetings.com, Keen.com (now Ingenio), and Clif Bar, and currently writes for ReserveAmerica and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Delaware along with her work for Studio Picotee.

We hire additional staff on an as-needed basis to support our projects. We work with design, merchandising, marketing, web, interactive, and public relations contractors to ensure that our clients’ needs are met.



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